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Yesterday at 10:07 pm
I'm more mesmerized by the eagle's reaction
Yesterday at 12:59 pm
Pistachio pistachio, wait for it, pistachio
Dec 15th, 2014
How is babby formed?
Dec 15th, 2014
My left foot, takes every I need to go!
Dec 15th, 2014
I'm sorry, but what.

It doesn't starred
Dec 15th, 2014
Where are their noses!?
Dec 15th, 2014
Damnit Jesus I told you to stay off the internet!
Dec 14th, 2014
Dec 13th, 2014
Where does the sword come from. If it comes from the butt sort of like wolforine (I don't know if I spelled that right) then it must hurt a whole lot more
Dec 13th, 2014
such english
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